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Social Media has become unsocial .. time to leave for now.

Apart of being too addicted I used FB/IG like 1-2h a day .. social media is becoming a disease these days. My martial arts trainer taught me if you feel like you can't step away this is the moment you should stop doing it at all. Social media i s very unsocial and dishonest these days. Like Instagram were 99.99% users fake happy lives to please people they do not know, to get the dopamine from likes. Facebook and nearly every other social network are as bad. People can't take criticism any more and are dependent on being liked but without any rational thinking applied.

I have over 3500 Facebook friends, nice people I met over the 15 years of travelling but I want rather go down to very few and just build up more real friendships. I prefer to call and visit my friends. So much more enjoyable than playing this superficial nonsense.

So I got kicked out of nearly all photography groups for being honest and telling people their technical errors of their children/animal shots .. useless to fight this mass stupidity

Even cool motorcycle groups got annoying because everyone wants to be an expert these days, everyone wants to change the world, by watching tv and writing FB post .. nope social media has become anti-social and phones have become smarter then people ..

..time to leave …so I am trying to stay away as much as I can, sadly I can not leave it because I have some awesome friends I love to stay in touch, which only works trough social media atm

Please come visit me and share some amazing real life adventures .

Thank you for the fish …