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Living in Thailand

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I live most Winters for some month in Thailand and here I want to share some experiences with you, which may help you having an easier time here … it is mostly for people who spend over four month here a year ..

Btw I have a Motorcycle In Thailand info page at my website under


While most people think Thailand is a shopping paradise, it is actually quite the opposite. In Europe and the States I am an Amazon junkie, here you will have a hard time getting good things. For example a coffee machine that cost 350$ in Germany cost about 1100$ here. The same model and this is just one of many examples. Taxes reach from 100-600% .. Do not even try to get proper high end laptops or computers here, they won't sell. Better to find people who bring you this stuff from the States. There is nearly no chance to get a modern good dishwasher here and for a Tempur mattress that cost 2000$ in Germany they asked me 5800$. Yes you can buy a lot of cheap junk and some nice cheap clothes .. and amazing food …

Btw bring cash or use N26, I love this bank . ( they are the only ones who do not charge when you pay with their credit card and give you a great exchange rate … ATMs here charge 220bath extra and max you can get is 30k bath .. most credit cards charge 1.7% exchange rate .. good exchange place is Superrich (!/en)

A note Thailand sellers love to invent prices and write (1000$) now 300$ you save 700$ or 70% while it costs probably 150$ at Amazon ….

Online Shopping is about 5-10 years behind Europe, I think more 10 …

Cheaper in Thailand

  • Canon Camera & Lenses are even cheaper then in the US, got to Fotofile the official distributor.
  • A lot food related stuff
  • A lot of DIY hardware, but it really hard to find good and reliable handymen here that will repair your flat.
  • Clothes
  • Crap

Some links

Price compare pages, and all pretty crap but better then none.

Online shops - General Shopping - Electronics - Computer Store - Computer Store - Computer Store (Only decent Intel NUC reseller in Thailand)

Second Hand - Crappy but not many alternatives

Offline shops - Home Pro Hardware Store - Mr. D.I.Y. Hardware Store - Thai Watsadu - Hardware Store - General Store

Food - Open 24/7 :) - Good Food - BigC - Tesco Lotus - Tops


Most malls have a cinema on top and a deli somewhere, prices are pretty steep but often you will get original stuff. A full list is at wikipedia - Emporium - Em Quartier (Has a great restaurant Area - Central World - Siam Paragon - Central - Future Park Rangsit

Music Stores - Importer of many brands

International Shops (that ship to Thailand) - Vitamins, Protein etc … 10-14 days delivery

There are things you can't get in Thailand ..

Mostly it is modern and sophisticated stuff that is really hard or impossible to get here..

  • Sophisticated Computer Equipment, do not even try to get a 32gb Laptop here
  • Phillips Hue …