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My experience with the new 2017 Dell XPS 15

I bought a new Dell XPS 15 laptop three weeks ago in the states. After using macbooks pro for five years, I decided to go back to a Windows Laptop. Apple is just producing crap .. and I can not support this any more. Thew new macbook pro is a bad joke and a horrible piece of metal for any sophisticated computer user. Apart from no sdcard, no usb, no ESC or F1 keys etc ..

I was looking into other option with 32GB ram and 1TB SSD and was close to buying and MSI GS62VR but I really did not like the keyboard and touchscreen. Apart from that is the MSI is a great machine with better hardware then this Dell.

Back to the Dell. After removing the killer wifi software which came on it, the bluescreens stopped .. welcome to Windows. ..

The mouse under windows was lagging a lot sometimes but removing the Gforce Experience App solved that issue too.

After one week the display showed a grey area, which I complained to Dell and they promised me to replace the laptop two weeks ago but they have to transfer the warranty since I am in Europe for a while. Will update on this ..

Apart from this the machine is fast and convenient. Still the 1050 is a bit slow but I am not a gamer so it is fine for me. Lightroom is slow on 95% of the computers out today anyway.