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Hi there

this is my new place for a blog and some other info pages for you all out there ..

Cutting down on Facebook usage

After being a extensive user of FB for 3-4 years I decided I will cut down my Facebook usage by >95% .. means mostly I will look into Facebook only once a week. FB was just time consuming and I do not even thing it is a “social media” any more but a place for a lot of people who just collect likes. At least the timeline feature is dead … I kind of only like the group and chat feature.

I installed Franz as multi messenger on my Windows laptop so I can use Whatsapp/FB Messenger etc with my keyboard. Never been the biggest fan on all this messengers on the phone even I use them all. It is ok for short messages but not for conversations. But I am old-school. I prefer a conversation over a good dinner, or if online .. as a videochat.

Kind of annoying that FB has such a bad search and tagging engine. It is quite impossible to find anything you once posted. But FB does not care about old posts anyway.

2017/07/29 01:37 · wojtek

I really like Vue.js 2.0

Just started to code a new app and looked into new frameworks. I kind of like NodeJS .. so here is my five cent. Why do people like Angular? .. Yes it is well designed … keeps changing all the time AND .. it is zero fun to code.

Have a look at VUE!! It is a great framework by Evan You - It is really nice to code, powerful and simple

Have a look a the presentation of Evan at youtube.

and at their comparison with other frameworks

2017/07/29 01:35 · wojtek


This is just a test page

2017/07/29 01:05 · wojtek


HI there,

my name is Wojtek and this is my personal blog. Who am I is quite a complicated question so I will not answer it here.

I protect companies from hackers, advise them about security and collect hobbies for fun .. that is the short version.

for my private homepage go to … and just google my name ..

2017/07/29 00:22 · wojtek

Testing DokuWiki as my new blog platform ..

Just decided to start a public personal blog again. So took five different software solutions and spend two days to test them all here is my experience.

I tested FB Pages, Blogger, Ghost, Wordpress and finally ended up using my favorite wiki software ..

→

2017/07/28 23:27 · ladmin

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